April 2014

Nikolay Panov

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; Koh Samui, Thailand

JID: nik@jabber.niksite.ru

Phone: +1 (424) 645-7483, +7 (903) 6000228, +66 846755473

Email: resumer@niksite.ru, nikolay.panov@gmail.com

CV: Nikolay_Panov_CV.pdf

SUMMARY: More than 10 years of experience in analysis, design and programming in various environments including experience of team leadership.


2011 – 2014: Software Developer: oDesk corporation.

2003 – 2011: Software Developer: MERA network.

1999 – 2011: Freelance.


1998 – 2006: Nizhny Novgorod State University


Operating Systems: good experience with Linux (especially Debian GNU/Linux), some experience with FreeBSD, SunOS and HP-UX

Programming Languages: good experience with Python, some experience with Perl, Tcl, C, C++, PL/pgSQL, PROTEL, Unix shell, etc.

Databases: good experience with PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, MySQL

CMS/Web Frameworks: good experience with Django, a bit of experience with flask

TDD: vagrant, ansible, jenkins, selenium


IR, DM, NLP (taken stanford online course at 2012 spring), AI (taken stanford online course at 2011 autumn, got 89% score), ML (taken stanford online course at 2011 autumn, got 100% score).